Business Intelligence and Data Mining - Decision Trees

Topics: Prediction, Correlation and dependence, Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient Pages: 3 (906 words) Published: August 30, 2012
Post Graduate Programme – Term IV – AY 20012-13
Business Intelligence And Data Mining
Group Assignment
NGO Donations Maximization


The problem is associated to devising a strategy to maximize the profits from a Direct Marketing Campaign to a selected group of customers while minimizing costs . The exercise requires the use of Business Intelligence tools and techniques to build a model , trained and tested on the historical data for the last year’s donation raising campaign . From this model it should be possible to predict the profitability of a prospective donor , hence allowing a more targeted campaign at lower cost . The difficulty is due to extremely imbalanced data and the inverse correlation between the probability of response and the dollar amount generated from it . The available data set and problem is of the KDD-CUP-98 challenge . The solution would be applicable to any direct marketing campaign which has historical data available .

Table of Contents
Performance Based Management4
Balanced Scorecard4
Problem in implementation of BSC8
Literature Review8
Company Name: Cipla10
Introduction of the company10
Vission & Mission of Cipla12
Scorecard for Cipla12
Key Learning15


The KDD-CUP-98 challenge is related to creation of a model trained and tested on historical data and capable of providing a prediction on the potential donors so as to maximise profit . It will provide a good mailing list so as to target only valuable customers . Typically the existing models predict future response behaviour . The historical database has information about mailing campaigns in the past and the response of customers and the collected dollar amount . The model should predict current customers who are likely to respond and maximize net...
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