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1.1 Introduction

In the globalization era, organization are progressively using information communication technology (ICT) into their process of transactions business, using different kind of tools and solutions. ICT is transforming organizations and the way people work, interact and feel in knowledge based organizations to improve their customer services The movie ticketing function consists of series of activities designed to enhance the level of customer satisfaction. To reduce the manual workload of these activities, organizations begin to electronically automate many of these processes by introducing the online movie ticketing. The online movie ticketing allows customers an option to use cashless transactions for their ticket purchases with an added advantage of a guaranteed seat of their choice. Customers can enjoy time-savings, hassle free e-payment convenience 24 hours a day They can select seats for their favorites movie without the need to make any phone call, have a credit card account, rush to queue early to visit the reservation counter. More importantly, payment and seats are guaranteed by just the click of the mouse,” For the purpose of this research, we have chosen Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) as our primary focus in the online movie ticketing services.


Golden Screen Cinema (GSC) is the largest leading film exhibitor and distributor in Malaysia. It merges from two giant Malaysian film industry namely Golden Communications Sdn Bhd (GCM) and Cathay Cinemas Sdn Bhd (CCBM). It has then resulted as the biggest single entity in the Malaysian cinema entertainment business. It has 90 years of background of combined involvement in cinema businesses and has also broadens and expands GSC’s exhibition reach. Nevertheless, the remarkably and rapid development of GSC’s cinema booking and ticketing system is very much decentralized, unorganized and unsystematic at different logistics of the GSC’s branches. It is not able to support the current expansion of its cinema chain of management and development .

Golden Screen Cinemas Sdn Bhd (GSC) is Malaysia’s leading film exhibitor and distributor which operate the largest cinema circuit with a total of 116 screens in 19 locations nationwide. GSC e-payment ticketing website allows customers to select their seats, purchase and pay for their cinema tickets .

Previously, customers can only use credit cards in the e-payment ticketing or reserve their tickets through phone or via GSC’s website. For phone and web reservations, they had to be present 45 minutes before the start of the movie to collect their tickets .

With the strategic tie-up between Maybank and GSC to introduce a new e-payment ticketing service, the public can now watch their favourite movies at selected GSC’s cinemas in the Klang Valley without the hassle of waiting in long queues at ticket counters.

To use this revolutionary e-payment ticketing and debit payment service, the customer is required to be a registered user and a GSC website member. For the online ticket purchase, they are required to log on to GSC’s website, select their movie and screening time and location, select their seats and perform direct e-payments via for their purchases. They are only required to print out the confirmation receipt and present it at GSC’s cinema reservation counter to collect their tickets even 10 minutes before the show begins. Customers can purchase a maximum of 12 tickets per transaction. GSC charges 0.50 sen for every successful ticket purchased on line.

Lastly, we have chosen the Golden screens Cinemas at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur for the purpose of this research on the effectiveness of online movie ticketing service.


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