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Ruby Valenzuela
January 15, 2012
Cheryl Martin
Unit 1 Learning Activity 1 Case Study 1
The Office Manager of an established practice has left her job on short notice. Prior to her leaving she hired two new staff members who need training and another employee’s negative performance was affecting the remaining staff members. You have been promoted to the Office Manager position. In your own words how would you apply the principles of building a successful team? I would first; get the two new employees’s trained by my best employee. I would then review my employee’s to see who needs more training, I would do one on one set down, to see what the employees expect and let them know what I expect of them as an office manager. I would want to set a good example to my employees; I do not want them to think I am out to fire each of them to bring in new people. If an employee is giving negative performance and it’s affecting the rest of the staff, I would consider replacing that employee with and employee that wants to work as a team player. This employee would affect the practice is running, with all the negative impressions, this employee would have to be let go. I want team work in my office, everyone would be crossed trained, and to help when someone is on vacation or even out sick. With me stepping in as the office manager, I would make sure the employees get a policies manual that explains what is expected of them, they would performance reviews after six months, then every year after that. This will me and the employee understand what needs to be improved, and if they need training on certain positions.
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