Business for the Glory of God

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  • Published : July 3, 2011
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Business for the Glory of God: The Bible’s Teachings on the Moral Goodness of Business A Review

Write a 5-7 page review, you should briefly articulate the author’s main positions or themes and then interact with them. That is, choose one or two main points that you agree with and/or two in which you do not agree, supporting your thoughts with well-reasoned arguments.

Jessica N. Eppes
Liberty University
Professor Martin/BUSI 301-B01
October 10, 2010

Bibliographic Citation

Grudem, Wayne (2003). Business for the Glory of God: The Bible’s Teaching on the Moral Goodness of Business. Wheaton: IL: Crossway.


For this assignment we read Business for the Glory of God: The Bible’s Teaching on the Moral Goodness of Business by author Wayne Grudem (2003). In this book, Grudem asserts of those who are like I was, we believe, “that from a moral perspective [profit, competition, money, and business are] ‘neutral’ at best” (Grudem, 2003, p. 11). I liked this book because I agree. While trying to pursue my degree in accounting, I thought that I could glorify God through it by sharing the gospel at my job, trying to earn enough money to help my husband out with all the bills we have, and being able to give more money to church. Grudem’s view of things is a lot more balanced and biblical than these views, exposing my blindness that would have kept me from obeying 1 Corinthians 10:31 (NIV), “So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do (including business), do all for the glory of God.”

Grudem covers the following topics, with a chapter devoted to each one: How God is glorified by...Ownership, Productivity, Employment, Commercial Transactions, Profit, Money, Inequality of Possessions, Competition, Borrowing and Lending, and he then includes two chapters on, Attitudes of Heart and Effects on World Poverty. This book is for a person in business or is a...
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