Business for the Glory of God Book Review

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Business for the Glory of God: The Bible’s teaching on the Moral Goodness of Business Book Review by: Marquetta Preston
Liberty University

Grudem, W. (2003). Business for the Glory of God: The Bible’s Teaching on the Moral Goodness of Business. Wheaton: IL: Crossway. ISBN: 978-1581345179.

The book, “Business for the Glory of God”, By Wayne Grudem, is a book that gives insight to how business as a whole can be a blessing to the world. God gave His people abilities to conduct business in order to glorify Him. Grudem explains that business and the attributes of business are “fundamentally good” and provides many opportunities for glorifying God, but also many temptations to sin. He gives a biblical and moral standing point on the connection of business and God’s teachings. “Two points that Grudem elaborates on is productivity and profit; which, is what I am going to focus on.

Book Review: Business for the Glory of God
Grudem’s point of view on productivity is that it was God’s purpose for His people to be productive while on earth. He uses Genesis 2:15, when God told Adam and Eve to work and keep the Garden of Eden, to back support his point. From the beginning of time God wanted His people to be productive. Grudem lets us know that without productivity the world would not have inventions that lead to all the resources we have today. Grudem goes into detail about small items that the world may overlook on a daily basis, to the important items that are focused on daily. For example, he talks about Adam and Eve being brought into the 21st century and them being able to turn on a water faucet and obtain water immediately. Two thousand years of being productive made it possible for the people of the 21st century to have the ability to do that. I agree that being productive shows how the world is being obedient to God’s Word. God has given us every essential commodity we need in order to live this life He has given us. I feel that Grudem was implying exactly that when he stated: “Subdue implies that Adam and Eve should make the resources of the earth useful for their own benefit, and this implies that God intended them to develop the earth so that they could come to own agricultural products and animals, then housing and works of craftsmanship and beauty, and eventually buildings, means of transportation, cities, and inventions of all sorts’. Grudem also points out that God wants His people to be productive in order to help other people. I agree with him on this point because if we did not work towards helping others, wealthy people would endure all the resources and the poor would lack in their everyday necessities. In 1 Corinthians 3:10 an example is given about helping one another to build up a foundation according to God. 1 Corinthians chapter three lets us know that we all labor in Christ. While one person lays a foundation another person builds on that very foundation. This particular chapter in the Bible lets us know that God is in favor of being productive and as Grudem says, “productivity is [still] not morally neutral but fundamentally good and pleasing to God”. Grudem understands that today’s society views being productive as evil. He explains that there are elements tied to producing goods and services that present a temptation to make someone want to act in an immoral or malicious manner. Dr. Greg Waddell wrote an article titled, “Is Work a Necessary Evil?”, and in the article he gives a historical account of why work or being productive was viewed as being evil. Dr. Waddell explains that ancient Greek philosophers did not feel that working would enhance their chances of being redeemed, so they felt it was useless and they saw it as a curse. The ancient Greek philosophers’ main goal was to become like the gods’ so they would have slaves do their work for them. As Grudem commented, there are also temptations to pride, and to turning our hearts away from love for our neighbor and towards...
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