Business Fashion Affects Consumer Behavior

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  • Published : December 2, 2012
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Business fashion affects consumer behavior

1.1 Current situation
Fashion trend always affect how the majority wear. Recently, a series of casual wear fashion brands have arrived Hong Kong. It drives hundreds of thousands of youngsters or young adults crazy on western casual wear style. It is not hard to observe this in streets. This attributes to fashion brands usually push a mass promotion towards the targeted consumers together with an attractive and all round market offering.(fashion brands not only provide a product, but also shopping experience with well created shopping environment, well trained salespersons and well organized after sales services) That’s why consumers are attracted to follow their trends by becoming so fence to the fashion brands. 1.2 How it affects

Consumer behaviors are affected by different stimuli, including marketing strategies. It influences the buyer’s black box, which are buyer characteristics and decision process. For fashion brands, they usually utilize different marketing strategies in order to adapt or influence social, personal, cultural and psychological factors that affect buyer’s black box and therefore their purchase decision. 1.3 Reasons behind

If fashion brands successfully influence the buyer’s purchase decision, they can gain a huge business chance. That means if they can make up a fashion trend that consistent with their clothing style, it would bring such a million dollar sales. As it becomes a fashion trend, consumer will not only buy it for once, but become loyal as long as it is still ‘fashionable’ to them. it would bring a continuous benefit but not all-for-once.

2.1 Consumer
To some extent, it in fact creates an unnecessary consumption which means it is not purchasing for need. Many exact need recognition to purchase are implied by external stimuli which is not internally implied by consumers itself but made by marketers. Just try to think, how many...
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