Business Excellence Framework

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1 Foreword 2 The Business Excellence Journey in Singapore 7 Management of the Business Excellence Awards 9 About the Business Excellence Framework 21 Criteria for Business Excellence 39 Scoring System 43 Criteria Response Guidelines 45 Glossary of Key Terms 49 Business Excellence Milestones 51 SQA Governing Council 52 SQA Management Committee



Whether an organisation is from the public or private sector, manufacturing or services, big or small, it must manage its resources well to achieve superior performance. With changing global economic conditions, it needs to be nimble and adaptable to ensure its sustainability. Over the last 1 years, 5 the business excellence initiative has helped organisations enhance their management systems and processes to achieve sustained growth.

Singapore launched the business excellence initiative in 1994 and positioned it as a journey for organisations. The call to have separate criteria for SMEs, the public sector, and other industry sectors was resisted and the position maintained that the criteria for world class excellence, regardless of industry, size, structure or stage of development, are universal. This challenges assessors to be thinking assessors and to understand the business environment and constraints the organisation operates in. After all, business excellence is

The business excellence framework has the following basic elements:

Senior leaders set the organisational directions and seek future opportunities for the organisation.

The systems comprise a set of well-defined processes for meeting the organisation’s performance requirements.

Organisations use the business excellence framework as a roadmap for their business excellence journey. It helps them to assess where they are on the journey, identify gaps, and take actions for improved performance.

about developing and strengthening management systems and processes to deliver superior results for stakeholders.

The business excellence initiative helps organisations to know where they are on the excellence journey and what

The results deliver ever-improving customer value and organisational performance.

Based on feedback from industry, we have reviewed the framework to ensure that it continues to be relevant in meeting the changing needs of organisations. This review was also done to ensure our framework continues to be aligned with the frameworks adopted in leading countries, so that standards set are internationally comparable and acceptable.

they need to do to achieve a higher level of performance. This is done through a thorough assessment of organisational performance against the requirements of an internationally benchmarked business excellence backdrop, the business excellence framework.

Business Excellence Standards
The business excellence framework provides a holistic standard that covers all the critical factors, processes and

As a result of the review, various enhancements have been made to the framework while retaining its overall structure which is still relevant and appropriate. These enhancements include new requirements to address areas of growing importance to our organisations in a challenging business environment, such as corporate governance and risk management.

Business Excellence Framework
The business excellence framework is aligned with excellence frameworks adopted for the US Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) Excellence Award, Japan Quality Award and the Australian Business Excellence Awards. It comprises seven categories, namely, Leadership, Planning, Information, People,

results for business excellence. These are addressed in the seven categories of the...
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