Business Etiquettes

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Soft Skills for Effective Interpersonal Communication

Business Etiquette and Grooming
* Today professional looks,corporate manners, have gained a lot of importance * Due to globalization , work places have become a microcosm of the world * We find ourselves often confused as to how to behave,so that no cross - cultural barriers are created while communicating in a multi-cultural set up * In order , to overcome these problems one could encounter at the world of work one needs to be familiar with acceptable professional behaviour * Dress and grooming

* Care should be taken that one is neither over or under dressed. * Clothes should be ironed and clean.
* To create a positive impact female senior executives should wear either a saree or a business suit;male counterparts should wear netly tailored suits,blazers should be strictly avoided * Clothes should not be not revealing.

* Pastel colours should be preferred.
* Clothes with large floral prints or large checks should be avoided * Accessories should be appropriately matched.
* Handbags have to be neatly organized , in order to avoid spilling things in others presence. * Makeup shouldn’t be too loud.
* As regards jewellery, it has to be minimal.
* As regards foot wear, uncomfortable pencil heels should be avoided. * Belts should match shoes .
* Wear a watch that reflects your personality.
* Personal hygiene-should be maintained.
* Nails should be clipped. Garish/gaudy nail enamel should be banned (especially dark reds and blues). * Hair should be maintained well,combed and in place.
* Oral hygiene should be observed and mouth fresheners should be kept handy. * Courtesy
* It is important to be physically appealing but it is of no use unless it is complemented with courteous behaviour. * A uniform set of social codes should be followed.
* One must recognize other people’s work,appreciate efforts. * Nine positive comments counter a single negative remark. * Use Thank you , Please, Excuse me often.
* Try to maintain eye contact with as many people as possible while conversing. * Conversations and small talk at official gatherings
* No body is a born speaker , one has to make conscious efforts to be good at it. * This can be developed by reading and being generally aware of things. * Positive people are liked by all ,so be positive and do not indulge in gossip. * One should avoid controversial and personal questions at social gatherings * Sense of humour is vital.

* Try to include people in conversations.
* Do not cling on to people at social gatherings.
* Handshakes
* Handshakes are symbolic of friendship.
* While shaking hands , the grip should be web to web , it should not be limp or bone crushing. * Hands should be kept parallel to the floor-palms down is domineering whereas palms up is submissive. * Hands should be shook regardless of gender.

* While shaking hands ,one has to look the other person in the eye, smile and this should be followed with a greeting. * Both men and women should stand for hand shakes and all introductions. * Telephone manners

* Answer the call by the second or third ring.
* Identify yourself instantly
* Speak slowly,clearly and with courtesy
* Speak with a smile.
* Always keep a pen and paper handy to note important point. * Minimize background noise.
* If you have called, plan your conversation .
* During conference calls , all parties should introduce themselves before business starts. * End positively and acknowledge the caller.
* Return voicemails in a timely manner if possible on the same day. * Cell phones should be set on a vibrate mode during meetings. * Don’t fidget with your cell phone , it shows lack of confidence. * Remember your cell phone is not part of the meeting ,if there is a call excuse yourself to...
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