Business Etiquette Essay

Topics: Etiquette, Social graces, Employment Pages: 2 (526 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Foundations of Business Communication
Assignment 2.2
3 March 2013
Business etiquette refers to acceptable behavior, manners, and professional practices in the workplace. The basis of business etiquette is respect as well as presenting oneself and the business being represented in an appropriate fashion. It shapes how business is conducted and provides guidelines of accepted behavior in the office. Composing an email, speaking on the phone, conducting office briefings, and completing tasks in a timely manner are all examples of business etiquette. A large part of business etiquette that may not always be considered is being familiar with different business behavior among various cultures. It is crucial to know basic business etiquette differences when planning to meet with foreign business men or business women in order to avoid being disrespectful or offensive. In these situations, manners as well as being accustomed to the business etiquette associated with the foreign colleague’s culture will assist with the interaction. Also, an interpreter may be involved when networking with foreign business associates. Being courteous to the interpreter, eliminating unnecessary information, and remaining professional at all times will support effective communication. Business etiquette not only describes actions in the workplace, but also appearance. In order to be taken seriously and have a lasting impression, dressing appropriately in the workplace is critical. Wearing distracting, tasteless clothing is considered poor business etiquette and could keep an individual from landing an initial position at a job or possible promotions. Exhibiting good manners, presenting oneself in a positive manner, and remaining professional throughout the business day are all effective practices of displaying business etiquette. Whether meeting an associate for the first time or the twentieth, being courteous and well-mannered is the foundation of business etiquette. For...
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