Business Ethics - Whistle Blower

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  • Published : May 7, 2011
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6. State your moral position on the matter

Whistle-blowing is the release of information by a member or former member of an organization that is evident of illegal conduct in or by the organization. Morality on the other hand can be defined as the concern with the distinction between right or wrong conduct. There are basically four categories of whistle-blowing in the organization. Whistle blowing can be internal, external, personal or impersonal. Internal whistle-blowing is where the matter is reported to an executive in the organization. An external whistle-blowing is reporting the matter to external public interests groups, the media, or enforcement agencies. Personal whistle-blowing is defined as harm reportedly done only to the whistle-blower and impersonal whistle-blowing is harm observed as done to another.

It does not matter what form the whistle-blowing is done in, a moral dilemma can occur when loyal employee observes the employer committing or assisting in an illegal or immoral act and thus would be forced to make moral decisions. In making moral decisions, employees need to consider factors that may have both positive and negative results. These factors are to make sure the situation warrants whistle-blowing. One of these factors is, if serious trade secrets or confidential company property will be exposed the employee should also know the harm and calculated risk. The other factor is that the whistle-blower needs to examine their motives and verify then document their information, while making sure that the information sustains its place in the case of a hearing and court as well as there are a lot more guidelines to consider.

Whistle-blowing carries serious consequences and often involve decisions to be made among conflicting moral, legal, economic, personal, family and career demands and choices. It does require a lot of self-sacrifice to stand firm and tells the truth regardless of personal outcome. There is nothing morally...
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