Business Ethics Reflection

Topics: Ethics, Morality, Virtue Pages: 2 (721 words) Published: April 24, 2011
Business Ethics Reflection
Leonardo Garcia-Avalos
University of Phoenix

Business Ethics Reflection
Having good ethics is not only good in business but also a good thing to have in general, everyday life. We all know the difference between good and bad but some people chose to ignore moral values and do whatever they please. In a business, having good ethics can be the difference between a successful business or one that will fail. Good business ethics can help the business run like a well oiled machine, and avoid problems within the business and outside of it. Every one of us at one point in time has had to face a tough decision or have been a witness to something that is unethical.

The relationship between virtue, values, and moral concept is a very simple relationship. To me, it means that we all do what is right. Like I said before, we all know what is right and what is wrong and it is up so each individual to pick the path they feel is the right one for them. A simple example that most of us face is making personal phone calls, surfing the internet for personal reasons, and just mainly staying out of focus on your daily tasks. I deal with this every day. I am a manager where I work and at times when work is slow, I have a tough time trying to keep people focused. I feel that when your “on the clock”, everything that you do should be work related in some way but it is tough to do that when things are slow. So how do you punish people for surfing the internet, texting their friends, and making personal phone calls when I myself do it all throughout the day? Should I also have to punish myself for doing what my workers do for me? I believe that I have a little more freedom because my job is to make sure that the people that work under me are all doing their job. It’s almost like a privilege because I have worked very hard and I continue to work hard. It’s just my own system that I use that includes a lot of multi tasking. It’s not...
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