Business Ethics Mod 1

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  • Published : May 3, 2013
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Business Ethics

Question 1
I believe that a business manager can benefit from decision making by adding other values in addition to values of ethics, one of them being personal/professional wisdom. My mother calls it “mother wit” basically meaning that inner knowing of a person or a topic. Basically it is clear sound judgment, based on personal experience on said matters. For example, if a manager has had prior experience of hiring a person whom on paper was a top-tier employee, but later down the road it is found that this employee was using fraudulent documentation to legitimize their existing to applying for a job, professional wisdom would dictate to request for a background check, even if the HR description does not clearly define that it is needed. Of course there are legal boundaries that need not be crossed, but a given job description based on job function may deem it to be appropriate. I believe courage and integrity can be another value that a business manager may benefit. There could be an instance where a situation may arise where a questionable situation occurs on a job, where a business manager may be told to “look the other way” in order to save money/financial litigation from occurring. A business manager may decide to indeed look the other way, but courage and integrity could cause the business manager to go against the leadership team to stand completely for what is right, regardless of the repercussions, even if it means losing their own job. In relation to my college curriculum, there are other classes that advise on the correct ways to decide and act, such as strategic management, diversity, strategic planning, and some HR courses. Question 3

Personally, I don’t like the term “benefits” of acting unethically, but to answer the question, benefits would be to gain financially, acquire information that would give an individual an edge not accessible to others. The costs, in my opinion far outweigh the “benefits”, as...
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