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1.0 Introduction
2.0 Ethical Dilemmas
2.1 Unhealthy Oil
2.2Employees Issues
2.3 Suppliers Issues
3.0 Ethical Theory
4.0 The Organization’s Ethical Best Practices and Values
5.0 Recommendation


1.0 Introduction
All of companies should be use the ethical decision to development their business on the right way because it’s a behavior of company showing to the publics and also responsible to social or public. The decision of company might be influence the company and public if they are taking the unethical idea to run for business. Therefore, the decision makers have to consider the benefits of company and to avoid the bad influence for public before make any decision. Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is a well known fast food brand in the world; it was founded by Colonel Harland Sanders in 1952. ( KFC is a chain restaurant in the world to selling fried chicken to customers; it has more than 11,000 branches in more than 80 nations over the world. The products of KFC selling are fried chicken, nudges, sandwiches, desserts, salads and so on. In addition, KFC not only selling the food also selling the service to customer to attract them comes to having meal at there. Ethical Dilemmas

2.1 Unhealthy Oil
The ethical dilemmas of KFC it was happened on 1995 because of used the oil which is containing Tran’s fatty acids to fry the food and sell it. The Tran’s fatty acids is an unhealthy oil its will increase cholesterol and increase the risk of having heart disease. (Marivic Butod,2009) KFC is a fast food restaurant and is unhealthy food for consumers if have fast food meals too often a week. The restaurant of KFC used the unhealthy oil fried the food and sell it to consumers; it will effect the healthy of consumer become worse. It’s an unethical thing of KFC restaurants did it because they have to know which kind of oil is more suitable to use and the quality of oil. The most of KFC food is to be used oil to fry it so the quality of oil will be influence the quality of foods. In addition, KFC didn’t listed or invisible the Tran’s fatty acids on the ingredient label show to public. It’s an unethical thing they did because of every restaurant have to list out the materials to the food label. The Tran’s fatty will be raising the people who have the blood cholesterol as mush as saturated fat did; it’s written in the report of the Centre for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) in 1997. 2.2 Employees Issues

The employees of New Zealand planned to strike and protest because KFC has paid low rates to the young employees on 3rd December. The ways of KFC pay the wages to young employees is based on their age; it’s unfair to them because is not based on experience or skills. The wage rates of KFC pay to the young employees who are 18 years old or above getting the minimum rate is $9.50; the employees who is under 18 year old getting the minimum rate is $7.13. The company of KFC is pay low rates to employees if compare with Starbucks because Starbucks is pay minimum $12 an hour to employees and is not regardless on the age. In addition, the company paid low rates to employees but they are planning to spend million to upgrading 98 stores nationwide of KFC. The employee is assets of company why doesn’t the KFC cut the budget of upgrade the stores nationwide to increase the wage rates of employees. There are about 60 percents of store staff of KFC New Zealand are under 18 years old; it’s an illegal and broke the labor law. In the labor law, company cannot hire the employee who is under 18 years old is called child labor. The company of KFC had hired the 15 years old younger employee as a store staff and pay $7.13 an hour to the young employee. In this case, the ethical dilemmas of KFC are low wages and hire under age employees thus company have to raise the wages rate and don’t pay it based on age. ( 2.3 Suppliers Issues

This ethical...
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