Business Ethics from a Christian Perspective

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  • Published : August 5, 2010
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Business ethics is the study of ethical dilemmas, values, and moral and ethical problems that arise in the business environment. Most businesses have a code of ethics that they require each employee to understand and abide by. These are the restrictions and regulations for how employees are to conduct their work habits, social interaction with other employees and customers, and it usually sets the foundation for the progression of the business itself. They are also sometimes a portrayal of services provided by the business and should always exalt high ethical standards. In this paper I am going to touch base on general applied business ethics that are common in most businesses today, international ethics that are essential when working with business around the globe, and my religious views had they play a critical role in business ethics. General ethics are applied to all businesses and some specific areas of a business involve different applications such as accounting, marketing, production, and human resources. I will talk about each one of these as they all have variations in ethical responsibility. Corporate social responsibility or CSR is a form of a corporation’s self regulation that is integrated into the model of the business. CSR functions as a built-in mechanism that allows the business to monitor and make sure that it follows and adheres to the law, and to the high ethical standards established. Accounting has a system in place on how financial statements and information are to be handled and dealt with. In today’s society greed has become a common motivator for many that work with the accounting department and can sometimes lead to illegal acts such as insider trading, bribery, securities fraud, and many more. Insider trading and securities fraud are criminal affairs that concern the financial market being manipulated. Executive compensation is when the CEO’s and the upper management receive large excessive paychecks. Things like...
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