Business Ethics

Topics: Want, Coco, Realize Pages: 1 (374 words) Published: April 19, 2012
Brittany Sawyer
January 21, 2012
Case 13 pg. 431

1. Based on the history of the company, why did BP get involved in so much questionable conduct? I think that their main problem when starting the business was money, money, and money. I’m sure that all they really cared about was making a lot of money; by having “money on the brain” they probably didn’t care about everything else. When they started having problems, like the explosion that killed 15 people, they didn’t realize that ignoring the little things that caused these problems was going to cost them big time. If BP just took care of the leak that caused the explosion they would have a better reputation and more money to put towards better things. 2. Analyze BP’s efforts to improve sustainability. Do you think they are sufficient, or does the company need to do more? I feel that BP is very sufficient. They didn’t just stop at trying one thing to “going green”, they went one step further and opened their door to numerous possibilities. They are working with wind, solar power, biofuels, and carbon sequestration and storage. BP even started a program for high school students to help them learn about their carbon footprint. To me they really are trying to make things right with their company and stakeholders. BP wants people to know that they do care and want to make the world a better place.

3. Do you believe the BP code of conduct and ethics initiatives will prevent future misconduct? I don’t think that BP’s code of conduct and ethics will prevent future misconduct, but I do think that it will help tremendously. I say this because you can’t prevent future misconduct completely. The code of conduct and ethics will help BP by informing their employees on things they need to know for their job. Letting their workers know what the company is all about is important for the company’s future. BP even holds awareness meetings to help their employees understand their code of conduct...
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