Business Ethics

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  • Published : January 10, 2012
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Running head: Business Ethics 5

Business Ethics 5



12th November, 2010

I defend Norman Bowie's arguments in “Relativism and the Moral Obligations of Multinational Corporations” that basic principles do not vary among cultures. Multinationals should therefore uphold universally or otherwise underlying ethical practices that uphold human rights. The basic underlying ethical principles do not vary among cultures and moral relativism is a phenomenon that should be disregarded since it is anchored in shallow soils. Moral relativism for one, avoids any objections directed at it as regards any kind of utilitarianism and consequentialism. It allows the execution of supererogatory deeds that go above and beyond the set calls of duty; this is the case because these acts may be committed without opposition from the society's moral code of conduct. In addition to this moral relativism defies the Triviality expostulation since it allows the particular culture to dictate the acts that are morally significant and those that are not. Criteria on which the judgments of the moral significance of the act are based vary from society to society; this argument is however to the benefit of moral relativism as it fails to impose any other outside standards on their members. It should also be noted that the keeping of the expected code of conduct and the execution of punishments is directly linked to the standards system of the society on which the infractions took place. In this case these actions are evaluated on the same platform as they were performed; the wronged is the judge and the punisher which should not be the case in normal life. Moral relativism does not allow reformers to try and point out the flaws in a society’s practices so they can improve them, moral relativism is intolerant and calls for acceptance of the society as is. Moral relativism fails to cater for people from more than one society, where each society has its own set...
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