Business Ethics

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  • Published : May 17, 2013
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Stakeholder is a people or group that can affect or be affected by the action of the business (Peter A. & Sarah D., 2009). The internal and external stakeholders in Public Bank are employees, shareholder, government and customer. Moreover, each of them is playing their own role and purpose. Type of Stakeholders| What the organization mean to the stakeholders| What the stakeholders mean to the organization| InternalEmployee| * Good quality of working environment and condition. * Being respect and long term employment. * Better salary, benefits and job security.| * Making profit for the organization. * Contribute effort, time and knowledge in work.| Shareholder| * Making profit in order to get higher dividend. * Good reputation of organization. * Higher stock market values. | * Do more investment. * Adding more fund so as to expand the organization. | ExternalGovernment| * Pay tax in time. * Low unemployment rate. * Obey the law. * Produce ethical services and products| * Create laws which protect the business. * Stability of economic. * Their products will be acknowledged by government.| Customer| * Good quality of services and products. * After sales services. * Reasonable price.| * Continue support to their products and services. * Provide fund in buying services or products. | The conflicting stake that I found in the organization is within employee and customer where customer wants the best service and products from the organization however the employee may be more concerned about increasing their salaries, benefits and job security. Moreover, conflicting stake between manager and shareholder where the goal of manager is setting long-term planning even the profit return may be low but to obtain reputation and brand name is more important nevertheless shareholder want the stock price to rise and value of the firm to increase.  

As a customer of Public Bank, the added value that I found is they are offering variety types of deposit and loan service at every branches and I can also apply through online which make me feel convenience. Besides, they have varied range of insurance plans which are underwritten by ING Insurance Bhd to cater for my protection needs. Moreover, bill payment services that enable me to pay bills to a wide range of corporations. They have promotion; products and services highlight for the credit and debit card members which ensure me to save a lot on some expenses. The purpose of Public Bank is to sustain the position of being the most efficient, profitable and respected premier financial institution in Malaysia. Public Bank Group had already subscribed to the notion of conducting its business in an ethically, socially and environmentally manner by creating innovative in development of new banking products and services. In my opinion, even they have performed well but still cannot satisfy the entire stakeholder so they should solve the conflict interest between stakeholder in order to make them happy and encourage them to invest in the company and generate higher stock market valuations.

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Coursework 1, task 2- concepts and expectation
I had chosen the third statement which is the Johnson Bank says: “We’ll treat you like family”. In 1954, Sam Johnson has joined SC Johnson as president assistant and under his leadership, the business builds a global reputation as a champion of social responsibility, employee happiness and consumer loyalty. In 1970, he found that traditional transaction service is not suitable and he founded an idea as to treat customer like family by building meaningful and long-term relationship with them. This idea is running everyday as they provide each customer an incomparable level of personalized service and trustworthy financial solution. According to my research, I would like to work there because I found that they are not only...
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