Business Ethics

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Business Ethics
1. Businesses can succeed only if they maintain a good relationship with all their stakeholders. These relationships can be strengthened if organizations fulfil their responsibilities towards their stakeholders. In this light, discuss the responsibilities of an organization towards its internal stakeholders. 2. How employees can resolve dilemmas?

3. How managers can resolve dilemmas?
4. How is the code of ethics different from the code of conduct? What is the method of integrating business ethics in an organization? How can business ethics be improved in the current scenario in India? 5. Define values; distinguish between social values and corporate values. Enlist and discuss some of the important corporate values. 6. What is ethical investment?

7. Why good managers make bad ethical decisions?
8. What are the ethical dilemmas regarding competitive intelligence? 9. How can the character, goals & aspirations of leader contribute to business ethics of the organization? 10. Show how culture functions promote the survival of a firm by influencing its external & internal behaviour? 11. Discuss the code of conduct for a lawyer or charter accountant or an engineer. 12. What do you mean by ethical investment? What are its modern forms? 13. What is corporate social reporting? What are its uses? 14. The environmental problems of developing countries are not the side effect of excessive industrialization but the inadequacy of development. Explain this “Paradox”. 15. Show how the theme of creativity draws attention when we deal with management activities? 16. Why are we concerned about "Deteriorating values"? How do values and dedication bring skill? 17. Discuss how the "Eight fold path leads to cessation of suffering" according to Lord Buddha. 18. The Buddhist Economics is very different from the economics of modern materialism because the Buddhist sees the essence of civilization not in the multiplication of wants but in the purification of "Human Character”, Discuss how true is this statement. 19. Describe the Gandhian idea of "Trusteeship"?

20. Can we do without ethics in economics activities? Substantiate your arguments with some examples from real life situation. 21. What do you mean "work ethos" or "work culture"? Give an idea of work ethics at different levels. 22. Arun Motors is ready to takeover Vishnu Motors. Mr. Feroz, the manager of Vishnu Motors is worried about the impact this is going to create. Therefore Mr. Feroz and a group of employees are looking for ways in which to protect themselves from the unruly predator. Explain the various techniques Mr. Feroz can use to protect the company. 23. Write short notes on any two of the following:

a. Whistle blowing
b. White collar crime
c. Workers Participation
d. Quality Circle
Multiple Choice questions:-
1. Various factors/principles are involved in ethical decision making. Which of the following factors/principles implies that decisions which affect a large number of people require great attention? (a) Magnitude of consequence

(b) Probability of effect
(c) Concentration of effect
(d) Proximity
(e) Time interval.
2. Due to which of the following reason/s can corporations be referred to as ”moral persons‘? I. The ability to use moral reasons in decision-making.
II. The ability of the decision-making policy to control not only the explicit corporate acts but also structure the policies and rules. III. Entitlement to the same political and voting rights that are guaranteed by the constitution to citizens. (a) Only (II) above

(b) Both (I) and (II) above
(c) Both (I) and (III) above
(d) Both (II) and (III) above
(e) All (I), (II) and (III) above.
3. Which of the following is a system established by Nike to assess new factories likely to be added to the Nike production group, that involves a preliminary inspection of the factories to determine...
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