Business Ethics

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Write two introduction manuals, how to use facebook, twitter or any other social site, first manual is going to be written for your uncle/aunt or any member of old generation, second manual will be written for a friend of peer.


Twitter is an online social networking service and blogging service that enables its users to send and read text-based messages known as "tweets". Twitter was created by Jack Dorsey . It introduced the idea of an individual using an SMS service to communicate with a small group. Twitter has become internationally restricted by its signature bird logo. A little modified version succeeded the first style when the website underwent its first redesign.

Old Generation:

Old Generation usually prefer twitter instead of facebook because they think that twitter connects them personally with their colleagues fellows or work place. I have identified a divide in how the older generation uses technology. Some see the benefits and use computers, have a Face book account and a mobile phone and others do not. People of the same age have a very different approach to using technology like twitter.

Twitter usually helps old peoples to share their common thoughts and conversation in talkative manner. Twitter also can arrange their meet through web cam.

Senior class usually read blogs and gives their comments regarding the post, they follow celebrities, politicians or business man etc, it usually helps them to evaluate according to them. They share useful information regarding the experience of something. They give different type of idea to new generation that helps them to be aware of bad deeds.

New Generation:

* Youngsters usually used twitter want to be aware of everything that what is happening in the world. They usually admire the blogs that are written some writer, celebrities or anything else.

* It is a social networking platform that gained a lot of users. Online users are at ease with the way it shares...
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