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Business Ethics

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Collins: Facts are Better than Dreams3
Personal Application4
Collins: Form a Climate Where the Truth is Heard4
Personal Application6
Chewning: Communication: Listening and Truth Telling6
Personal Application6
Relating Collins and Chewning7

Jim Collins is the author of a book entitled, Good to Great. In this book, he explains the steps one must take and the qualities they must adapt in order to take a leap from good to great. Similarly, Chewning takes similar ideas related to business and correlates these into the Christian faith in his book, Business Through the Eyes of Faith. Several weeks of analysis and discussion has made these two concepts seem interchangeable and we are able to relate business ethics with Christian values and show how they are intertwined in order to become a more successful person not only in business, but in everyday life as well. In Collins book, he describes two concepts, which relate to becoming a successful communicator and how this in turn will allow businesses to thrive as well. These concepts are, “Facts are Better than Dreams” and “Unwavering Faith Amid the Brutal Facts”. In relating these to the book by Chewning, we can see that is relates perfectly with the concept of “Communication” Listening and Telling the truth”. Collins: Facts are Better than Dreams

‘The first concept in Collins books is title, “Facts are Better than Dreams”. This theme shows the distinctive process that great companies go through which allows them to be great. He quotes, “you absolutely cannot make a series of good decisions without first confronting the brutal facts. The good-to-great companies operated in accordance with this principles, and the comparison companies generally did not” (Collins 70, 2001). Brutal facts are necessary in a business becoming great. He emphasizes the importance of open communication between executives and every person below him. When employees have...

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