Business Ethics

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  • Published : May 20, 2012
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CASE 1:-
I) Yes, I think the suspension was fair. Over a period of time, Joan was warned several times abouther excessive absenteeism, both verbally and in writing, but she did almost nothing about resolving the problem. Joan hasn't shown an inclination to look for alternate solutions and she just expects GreatAmerican Market to put up with her excessive absenteeism, and the loss in productivity that comeswith it. It appears to me that only a suspension would drive the point hard in this case. II) No, I don't think Joan acted responsibly. In spite of receiving verbal and written warningsnumerous times, Joan just did not put in efforts to make a backup plan for her baby's care. Joan actedirresponsibly by not finding an alternate babysitter or daycare center. Added to this, Joan did not eventry to swap shifts with a co-worker III) Not yet. I think Joan should be given another opportunity after her 15-day suspension period.Joan can use this time to make up a good plan for her baby's care, probably by making an arrangementwith an alternate babysitter who can step-in when the regular babysitter is unavailable, or byconsidering a regular, nearby day care center.

Case 2
I)  I think I should tell my customers that my products are 9% less durable than my usual materials however it is still above all industry standards and meets all building codes and requirements for the purpose for which it is intended. II)  I think I should because it is 9% less durable than my usual products so my customers won't go to any other stores. IV) Yes I think I should tell my employees that my usual materials are 9% less durable but still meets industry standards. V) Yes I think I probably will because it is still durable.

I)The facts given in the problem are similar to the case of Bharati knitting co. v DHL worldwide express courier division of Airfrieght [1995 (5) scale 142(Sc)].where in the supreme court upheld the disicion of national commission.that...
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