Business Ethic - Tainted Milk Powder

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Question 3:
What steps could take to restore its reputation, and what challenges will it have to overcome? Steps to restore the company reputation:
1.Know The Truth
If the Company want to get rid of a bad reputation, the Company will first have to look at themselves and seek the reality. Is there any truth in what the people say about themselves? will have to look at the rumor of how they were said to have accepted payments to withholding a company’s information from online searches.

2.Take Action
If you feel that there is some truth in what people think about you, then it is the time to take some action in the regard. might held a press conference to admit its wrong doing and try to fix it from there. Although there were many are upset by the admittance, but they will be more upset if the have not admitted to their wrong doing. That’s the matter related to trust and knowing that they will stand up for the mistake that have been made.

3.Dispel the Rumors
If the Company have to fix their bad reputation, it is very important to dispel the rumors that are working against them. will have to overcome the rumor of how they were said to have accepted payments for withholding a company’s information from on-line searches. They will have to disclose all of their financial records. This is done in an effort to make the company financial activities as transparent as possible and display that they are confederate in their financial activities. This will aid the company in regaining the trust of the public and the public will ultimately trust the information that is contained on the search engine.
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