Business Ethic: Julian Assange

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  • Published : March 18, 2013
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“Julian Assange should go to jail and
Wikileaks shut down permanently.”

Julian Assange is the founder of Wikileaks which “is an independent, non-profit online media organization that publishes submissions of otherwise unavailable documents from anonymous sources”. Since the apparition of Wikileaks, Julian Assange is a controversy man and everybody have is own opinion about him. Moreover, since Mr Assange decided to reveal information about US Army and theirs practices for the Afghan and Iraq wars on his website he’s become a target for a lot of government. Today, Julian Assange obtains a political asylum at the Ecuador’s London embassy and he wants that the US give up their “witch hunt against Wikileaks”. The USA wants to judge J.Assange for his acts but he doesn’t want to be judged by the American justice. At this point, we can have a lot of questions about this case like: Do Julian Assange and Wikileaks’ behaviours are ethical? Has Julian Assange really break laws with his website? Should Julian Assange go to jail and Wikileaks shut down permanently? So, we will analyse Assange’s case in an ethical way and give some answers to those questions. First, we will talk about the ethical issues of Julian Assange’s case. Then, we will focus on which laws J.Assange broke. To conclude, we will try to answer to the question “Should Julian Assange go to jail and Wikileaks shut down permanently?” according to the analysis of the ethical issues.

According to me, Julian Assange is a very complex person. Actually, he claims that he reveals those information because “people have the right to know” and also because governments are not enough transparent. In more, for him a lot of government have some unethical practices and the fact that those practices were revealing, he thought that it will encourage governments to be more ethical. But this is Julian Assange’s words. The website Ethics Alarms thinks that “Assange really doesn’t care about the consequences to anyone else. Assange’s real priority is Assange, and everything and everyone else is secondary”. Assange thought that his acts were good but good for me doesn’t mean good for others. In fact, a lot of people think that all the information revealing by Assange did nothing good and it wasn’t useful. For example, in the article of The Dissenter website, there is the point of view of Josh Barro, who is a lead writer for Bloomberg View’s The Ticker and “Josh Barro said having these documents released “did nobody good.” That hundreds of thousands of stories were written and that change might have occurred did not make the release a “good thing.””. In his information, Assange talked about relation inter-government and that can hurt the relationship between countries and this is not good for people on those different countries. In the website Media Ethics and Society it mentioned: “Knowing what American politicians say behind their backs is not going to help diplomatic relations with them at all. This could hurt our government in unnecessary ways because these documents did not need to be released for any sort of reason.” In the same website they also explain: “As journalists, we have the ethical duty to seek and tell the truth, according to the Society of Professional Journalists' Ethical Code. Judging by this and this alone, then Julian Assange should probably be praised for his work in leaking untold thousands of government documents that serve to enlighten and bring some hard-bearing truths to the limelight”. But can we tell that he is ethical just because of that? Of course we can’t because even if Julian Assange told the truth, some information has to stay secret for keep population safe and the way he used to acquire those information is not right. He got his information...
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