Business Environment of China France Hongkong

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  • Published : February 18, 2013
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Table of Contents

Part 1 Evaluation of Koyo Jean’s Environmental
1.1Introduction P.3
1.2 Environmental audit of current markets in China, Hong Kong, and FranceP.3-5 1.2.1 Executive Summary P.3
1.2.2 Fashion industry life cycle and the current position of the three countries P.4 1.3 SWOT and TOW S Analysis for Koyo Jeans in the three countries analysed P.5

Part 2 Drivers to Internationalisation
2.1 Motivation for Koyo Jeans entering emerging Markets P.6 2.2 Environmental Analysis in Brazil and India P.6
2.2.1 Findings on comparison between Brazil and India (PESTEL & 5Forces) P.6 PESTEL analysisP.6 Porter’s 5 Forces analysis P.6
2.3 Comparative, Competitive Advantage and National Advantage P.6-7 2.3.1 Competitive advantageP.6-7
2.3.2 India comparative advantage P.7
2.3.3 National Advantage of India P.8

Part 3 Develop market entry
3.1 Exporting into India P.9
3.2 Justifications P.9
3.3 Improvement on exporting strategy P.9-10

Part 4 Conclusion P.11
Obstacles in internationalisation to India—Culture P.11

Part 5 List of References P.12

Part 6 Appendix
Appendix 6.1 PESTEL & 5 FORCES IN China HongKong France P.13-19 Appendix 6.2 Value Chain Analysis Of Koyo Jeans P.20 Appendix 6.3 Strategic Capability of Koyo Jeans P.21 Appendix 6.4 Koyo Jeans SWOT & TOWS Matrix P.22

Appendix 6.5 PESTEL analysis for Brazil and India P.23-24 Appendix 6.6 Porter’s 5 Forces analysis for Brazil and India P.25 Appendix 6.7 India Industry Life Cycle P.26
Part 1
Evaluation of Koyo Jean’s Environmental

1.1 Introduction
Since Koyo Jeans current active g markets are China, Hong Kong, Spain and France; however researches have been able to find out Koyo was not going so well in terms of internationalisation and brand value, recognition...
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