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In this assignment I have been asked to discover the mission, values and key objectives of two organisations. For organisations this is essential, as if they do not know where they are going, they cannot tell if they have arrived. This is often called strategic planning; we can determine what an organisation wants and its needs, like it is a living thing and has to survive. We must understand within a business system, its ideals and realisation will always be accountable for. The two organisations I have selected to focus on are:

The NHS Bupa

With the origins of organisations, they have fundamental properties that attach some structure within a belief system to comply and seem socially acceptable and be able to adapt within the current views of society. Organisations are social arrangements for the collected performance of collective goals. As time goes by, old ideas become obsolete, new sustainable development becomes the trend and that then seems to become socially acceptable in this not so perfect world. When an organisation starts, it then must find a foundation, values and cultural norms to meet the expectations of the thriving human race. So when we look at the NHS and Bupa as healthcare services currently operating in the country, we’re able to see its specific direction in its mission discovering its values and collective objectives. We will then discover its trend with business and the overall objective to succeed and gain power in its market. The NHS is national, whereas Bupa is located internationally. You can see the differences already between the private sector and the public sector as one is based purely on different types of ownership. The NHS is mainly run under the government but as of recently some hospitals have been running under private ownership. The NHS is usually the main service that most UK citizens comply with as it is state funded through tax. With Bupa, in the UK, they currently run top up services for health insurance for the country and offer many other services such as travel insurance, health insurance, care homes, health assessments, occupational health services and childcare. Other companies within the private sector use their profits to fund their employee’s health and safety as the perks along with the salary. Bupa first started their company paid insurance in 1950 for the BBC and continued to expand when the company bought out Spain’s largest healthcare company, Sanitas, and acquired IHI Danmark in Denmark and then Amedex in Miami to achieve global status and it is continuing to expand today launching a partnership with a Russian leading insurer. Bupa was created in the UK when ‘17 British provident associations joined together to provide healthcare for the general public’. Bupa states “Bupa is a brand truly guided by its mission statement: ‘Taking care of the lives in our hands’. Its well-defined values guide its business and brand behaviour. As a provident association, it has no shareholders and re-invests profits back into its health and care businesses. The organisation is committed to being ethical, accountable and respectful. In communications, BUPA endeavours to project a leading and expert brand that is warm, friendly, open, accessible, caring and empathetic.” ( Its mission statement mentions that people come first after all people have created this empathetic persona that Bupa illustrates in its key objectives which “was intended to provide more services than the National Health Service (NHS) system in Britain offered. It has promoted itself as having no shareholders and existing only for its members. Initially, Bupa was purely a UK health insurance provider, offering policies to individuals, companies and other organisations. This continues to be the largest business within the company and around half of Britain's top companies are presently Bupa customers.” ( Bupa...
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