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Macro Environment = General/Remote Environment
• The macro forces are generally more uncontrollable than micro environment. • Success of an organization depends upon its adaptability to the environment. Example of cost of imported component going up because of depreciation of the domestic currency, solution may lie with domestic manufacture of the component.


The far or macro environment relates to:
• Political • Economic
• Global Environment

• Socio-Cultural • Technological • Environmental • Legal These influences may impact your business, now or in the future.


Political influences relate to government or constitutional policies that may affect your business. For example, potential government legislation may allow businesses to register that they do not want to receive unsolicited calls. This may restrict cold calling on a business to business basis. •The expansion of EU boundaries may have an impact on certain businesses.


Economic influences relate to the economy as a whole.

Rates of interest have an impact for example on levels of borrowing. The strength of the stock market has an impact on types of investment made.


• class • age • gender • demographics • issues such as culture -both local & international • diversity. For example drinking habits of people in France are different to those in the UK.


Technological influences include

•use of the internet. • advances in mobile phones. • Bluetooth. •wireless networks. •data management. •customer relationship management systems.


Many businesses are impacted today by environmental issues. Corporate social responsibility is...
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