Business Environment

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  • Published : May 13, 2013
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|UNIT |Unit 4 – Business Environment |Course |HNC-Business | |Author |VERIFIER |Mr. | |HAND OUT DATE | |SUBMISSION DATE | | |STUDENT | |TERM |Jun 2013 |

|ASSIGNMENT GUIDELINES | | | |This Assignment is designed to help you achieve a Merit or Distinction. | |During your Structured Individual Study (SIS), you are required to answer each question above (Outcomes Assessment Criteria) which has been | |covered separately in respective Lessons. | |In your answer, write about the key concepts highlighted by the Lesson (underpinning knowledge). | |You can get an idea of the key concepts by referring to the Lesson’s handout, in the Overview section of the Lesson. | |Look for real-life examples to apply your key concepts (applied knowledge). | |Make use of the SIS time to research books. | |During your SIS time, use the computer to research recommended websites and word process your Assignment. | |Follow the guidelines given in your Handbook. | |Study the Merit and Distinction Descriptors below to ensure that your work demonstrates compliance in order for it to be considered for their| |respective Awards. | | | |It is important that the work you produce is carefully planned & written. | |Your work should demonstrate (a) your understanding of the theory you have learned (underpinning knowledge) and (b) your ability to apply it | |to real life/contemporary situations/case study (applied knowledge). | | | |Please follow the instructions below: | |Start each answer from a new page | |Highlight each question clearly | |Avoid bullet points and restrict the use of numberings; remember that you are supposed to write an essay. | |All work should be comprehensively referenced and all sources must be acknowledged fully, this includes books & journals used as well | |websites visited. Details such as page numbers, publishers and publication year should also be stated, in addition to the name of the...
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