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  • Published : January 1, 2013
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Hello everyone , i’m IVY . Today I'd like to say something about ‘Law of the People's Republic of China on the Protection of Minors’.

我讲的是未成年保护法的社会保护和司法保护部分。I am talking about is part of the social and judicial protection of minors Protection Act.

关于社会保护On social protection
一、社会保护的地位The status of social protection
社会保护特指在社会生活环境中对未成年人实行的保护。这种社会生活环境不同于未成年人的家庭环境和学校环境,也不同于司法环境。This kind of social living environment different from minor family environment and school environment, but also different from judicial environment.社会保护的地位在静态意义上包括两个方面:即社会保护是未成年人保护必不可少的组成部分以及社会保护是未成年人完成向成年人健康过渡的重要保障。在动态意义上,我们可以说,它将随着未成年人社会生活领域的扩大而日益重要。Social protection will be as minors in the field of social life expands and increasingly important.越是年龄增长、体能增强,其社会活动的比重越大,社会保护的地位也就越突出。The age growth, enhance physical fitness, and their social activities, the greater the proportion of social protection status also is more outstanding.

二、社会保护的作用The role of social protection
社会保护的作用归结到一点,就是创造一种有利于未成年人健康成长的环境。这种社会环境,具体来讲,将对未成年人保护起到以下两方面的作用:一方面是保证未成年人健康成长。Ensure the healthy growth of minors.在丰富、复杂的社会生活中,要保证未成年人健康成长,最好的办法不是把未成年人封锁起来,使其与社会生活隔绝,而是使未成年人积极参加社会活动In the rich and complicated social life, to ensure the healthy growth of minors, the best thing to do is to make minors to take an active part in social activities.。另一方面是巩固其他保护的成果。社会保护与家庭保护、学校保护以及对违法犯罪未成年人的司法保护是相互影响的。Social protection and family protection, school protection, as well as for crimes the judicial protection of minors is mutually affected. 社会保护起到巩固家庭保护、学校保护以及对违法犯罪的未成年人的司法保护成果的作用。Social protection serves to consolidate the family protection, the school protection as well as the outcome of the judicial protection of minors criminal role.

未成年人的保护,涉及到社会各个方面,需要全社会进行综合保护。社会保护一章着重规定了各级人民政府及其各职能部门的责任。为未成年人开辟多种形式的文化科学技术、娱乐、体育等活动场所,Paved the way for minors to multiple forms of cultural activities such as science and technology, entertainment, sports venues,创造良好的教育环境,是培养和造就一代新人不可缺少的硬件工程。Create a better educational...
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