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Acer unveils Iconia dual-screen laptop

This article demonstrates the contemporary rapid changes in technology. New forms of products are introduced more and more frequently which is due to the intense competition within organisations, which specialise in producing such products. Acer’s new laptop, which contains dual screen and will offer users a different experience of which they are already much too familiar with. New forms of technology come at risk, however, as costs incurred are generally very high so the company manufacturing the product must be sure of success otherwise they are sure to suffer hefty losses and lose reputation.

With regards to technology as external factor, it pushes organisations to keep moving with their products as demonstrated by apple who are not resting on the laurels of their iphone, ipod products and even the ipad. Such an influence can be seen towards the end of the article which mentions how competitors such as Samsung have move quickly to challenge the ipad. Touch screens are emerging as a popular method of using technological devices and Acer have certainly not ignored this by doubling up offering a two-in one package.

This may or may not be a successful change but I predict that, as consumers are generally open to such products in the modern day, the price will not prove to be a barrier for those are can afford the product and desperately want to experience how it works. The extent of the innovation by Acer is sure to be a success if the development of the product is well executed which is further emphasised by a quote from the article stating: ‘This level of commitment to touch technology Is something no other PC vendor can Compete with’. The quote also further illustrates Acer’s awareness of the growing popularity of touch screens.

As appendix 1 will show, the iphone revolutionised the world of touch technology and sales have soared in recent years. This can also be viewed as a social factor, as this kind of...

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