Business Enviroment

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HND Business Management

Unit 1:Business Environment

Outcome 1:Understand the organizational purposes of business. Outcome 2:Understand the nature of national environment in which the business operates Outcome 3:Understand the behaviour of organizations in their marketenvironment Outcome 4:Assess the significance of global factors that shape nationalbusiness environment Scenario

Understanding the relationship between businesses and the environment within which the business operate is very important in shaping the behaviour of the business. In your role as an assistant to the Business Development Manager, you will need to develop strategies that allow your organization to meet its purposes in ways that comply with the relevant legal and regulatory frameworks. This would involve intensive research on the organizational purposes and the nature of the environment in which the business operate.

TASK One: Group presentation – 25 March 2013 (PT): Exam - 25 March 2013 (NR) (P1, P2, P3)

P1Identify the purposes of different types of organization. P2Describe the extent to which an organization meets the objectives of different
P3Explain the responsibilities of an organization and strategies employed to meet

Guidelines to achieve
* P1: You must describe different types of organizations in order to identify the purposes of the organization (e.g. public sector, municipality, charity, private sector, PLC, and briefly explain aims, purpose and objectives of each etc). Discussion of vision, mission, goals an objectives of various organizations will be needed

* P2: Discuss different types of stakeholders involved with an organization Stakeholders could include staff, unions, suppliers, customers, banks, shareholders, national and local media, community, authorities, government etc. Describe the extent to which an organization meets the objectives of its stakeholders; Stakeholders mapping, analysis and suggested strategies

* P3: Summarize areas of responsibilities to customers, owners, shareholders, employees, suppliers, to physical environment and possibly to local, national and international community, etc Explain strategies (long term approaches) employed to meet them by a specific organization.

TASK Two: Report - 22 April 2013
(P4, P5, P6, M1)

P4Explain how economic systems attempt to allocate resources effectively P5Assess the impact of fiscal and monetary policy on business organisations and their activities P6Evaluate the impact of competition policy and other regulatory mechanisms on the activities of a selected organization. M1Identify and apply strategies to find appropriate solutions

Guidelines to achieve:

* P4 : Briefly describe main economic systems like socialism, state economy, etc. and explain how each economic system attempts to allocate resources (people, raw material, money etc) effectively; * P5 : Explain the governmental policies (e.g. monetary, fiscal, social,) explain how the taxation level, interest rate, value of the pound and euro will positively or negatively affect business organization, * P6 : Choose any national or international organization and discuss how it is constrained by competition policies e.g. regarding monopolies and by regulations (good examples might be UK supermarket chains or airport operators) * M1 : Analyse the economic system and governmental policies of the UAE and evaluate how does the UAE attempts to allocate resources effectively.

TASK Three: Report - 22 April 2013
(P7, P8, P9, M2, D1)

P7Explain how market structures determine the pricing and output decisions of businesses P8Illustrate the way in which market forces shape organizational responses using a range of examples P9Judge how the business and cultural environments shape the behaviour of a selected organization M2Select and apply appropriate methods to different market types D1Use critical reflection to...
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