Business Dress Code

Topics: Trousers, Informal attire, Suits Pages: 2 (723 words) Published: December 1, 2007
The saying "first impressions count," has been one of many reasons that companies in the business sector have implemented dress codes. The dress apparel common to business people provides an image of professionalism. This can translate to mean different clothing attires for men and women. Dress codes for business individuals are significant as it lets them present the professional image that is essential to their success. It is all about presenting persons in a way that makes the clients feel comfortable and confident with the representative at hand. Proper business attire shows professional respect to the business individuals themselves, to the clients that are being served, and provides a positive image for the company that these business individuals are employed with. Proper dress for a business man ought to be professional and at the same time be appropriate with the current fashion. It should consist of a high quality (enhances once standing) conservative suit in navy, black or gray. Dress shirts should be only solid colors as patterns will bring more attention to the clothing than to the actual individual on hand. To enhance one's credibility, silk or silk-like fabric ties should be worn. Socks worn should go hand in hand with the color of your suit. Tie up shoes are preferred over slip-ons or flip flops and must be clean and well-polished. Feet are often noticed first so taking extra care of shoes will not go by unnoticed. Since belts are eye-catching accessories they should have a high quality and closely match the color and material of the shoes, or not be seen at all. Although men can often be spotted wearing jewelry, this is not the case for business individuals. Jewelry should be appropriate and therefore kept to a minimum of a wedding band. Personal hygiene is the most important aspect of a business man's attire. The finishing touch for a business man is his choice of accessories; they should be of...
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