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Topics: Employment, Virtual team, Productivity Pages: 4 (1330 words) Published: February 22, 2013
Virtual workplace
Developing and Developed countries

Mohamed Nabil Ashour

Virtual workplace is a workplace that is not located in any one physical space. Rather, several workplaces are technologically connected (via the Internet) without regard to geographic boundaries. Employees are thus able to interact and work with one another in a collaborated environment regardless of where they are in the world. A virtual workplace decreases unnecessary costs by integrating technology processes, people processes, and online processes. Types of Virtual Workplaces

Individual virtual workplaces vary in how they apply existing technology to facilitate team cooperation. Three popular approaches are: 1. Telecommuting: the availability and use of communications technologies, such as the internet, to work in an offsite location. 2. Hot desk environment: Employees are not given individual desks; rather each day employees are allocated to a desk where they can access the internet, email and computer network files. This is similar to hotelling: recognizing that employees spend more time at the clients' office rather than at the employer's office, employees are not assigned a permanent desk. 3. Virtual team: the collaboration of employees working closely together and in constant contact but are physically located in different parts of the world. Drivers of Virtual Workplaces

The pace of change: Not only is our environment changing fast but the rate of change is accelerating. New technologies are only part of the challenge: some companies are finding that their three-year business plans need refining, within months. Productivity: Companies are under increasing pressure to deliver better quality products and services faster. Competition from Asian countries is already intense and it will not be long before similar competition is felt from other regions. Office space and its cost: Office space has become a major expense for many organizations. One response has been to reduce the...
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