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Topics: Smart grid, Power outage, Grid computing Pages: 7 (2141 words) Published: February 11, 2013
MGMT 701-101- Winter 2013

Case Study Assignment

Case name: Smart Grids

Assignment Type: Group Report


Group members:

➢ Ifeoluwa Omoyajowo

➢ Kaan Karaagac

➢ Shuhai Li

➢ Waseem Saif

A smart Grid is the path to clean, efficient and more reliable energy. It is a major transformation of the electric grid. Realizing its vast potential requires innovation and engagement from various industry leaders, from provincial and federal government, and from our communities. Smart grid describes the application of digital technologies to the existing electrical grid. These changes to today’s electricity networks can reduce outages, deliver power more efficiently and allow consumers to manage their electricity use with in-home displays and other technologies. The Smart Grid allows utilities to distribute conventional and renewable power to consumers more efficiently, reliably, safely and economically. It integrates two-way digital communication technology that analyzes, monitors and streamlines the system to maximize throughput, while promoting and enabling a reduction of overall energy consumption. It also has different goals for various stakeholders. Utilities: Smart Grid marks a crucial transformation to modern, intelligent and highly accurate performance. Governments: Smart Grid means achieving energy and environmental goals. Businesses: Smart Grid presents growing opportunity for innovation, development and deployment of leading-edge technologies and products, while capturing emerging opportunities in domestic and international markets to advance Canada’s Smart Grid infrastructure. Canadians: Smart Grid provides job opportunities, energy savings, environmental stewardship and global leadership. If we want to give an extra information ,President and CEO of the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) think like that“Smart grids offer so many options for consumers ,detailed consumption information, more efficient appliances, in-home generation and electric cars, for example. All these opportunities can provide many benefits to the consumer and the system as a whole.” Canada is the fifth largest producer of energy in the world and exports approximately 51 gigawatt hours to the U.S. each year but smart grids can increase the export of energy from Canada with usage of green sources. Question1:

How the smart grids differ from the current electricity infrastructure in Canada ? Current electricity infrastructure is old and inefficient. The companies provide the electricity to consumers but grids don’t indicate about how the consumers use the energy and grids use the critical components of going green. But in smart grids deliver electricity companies to consumer using digital technology to save energy, reduce cost, increase reliability and transparency. Also a smart grid give chance to consumers to making a daily plan to use cheaper energy especıally the peak time usage and high use electrical appliances. Another advantage of smart grids is their ability to detect sources of power outages. It is a time save to find section the problem in the system. Also a smart grid provide to use alternative “ green” energy (solar energy) for daily usage of consumers. Question2:

What management,organization and technology issues should be considered when developing a smart grid ? Smart Grids seem to be the way of the future when it comes to energy conservation, but there are many hurdles to overcome. Strictly from a technology point of view there are many updates that need to take place, two-way meters (smart meters) need to be installed at every location that is going to be part of the grid and user-friendly intuitive software for consumers to use to monitor their usage (Laudon et al. pg. 30). Along with the new technology users need to be trained and educated on what information is being sent between their home and the energy company as well as...
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