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Product or service Description
✓ Details of the product/service
✓ What need does the product meet for customers?
✓ What is unique about the product/service?
✓ Competitive advantage
✓ Barriers to entry
Strategies to overcome barriers

What are the technology and equipment that we are using in the carwash The answer is on the highlighted sentences. Hope it will help you :) How many workforce are we hiring and how long and where did they undergo their training I think we need around 10 people. The training cost us 1298 per person. So we need to get 12980 for 10 people :S but this is only for the business plan. If we do this for real, habis la hahaha. The exact address; jalan teknokrat 5 next to old town?

This information you can get it from Yvonne. She told me that she found a location. Possibly it is beside to old town or near that area. Is the price for the whole carwash rm8? Or just washing only Th price for our wash will be 10 ringgit. For lorry and trucks, the price will be 15 ringgit. Polish and waxing will be 100 for hatchback and sedan cars. For MPV and SUV, the price for the waxing will be 150.

BTW, we need to increase our capital. 10 000 is not enough. Perhaps we need some more capital to run this business.POSSIBLY.

Business Description

Our product

Cyberwash Car Wash is a simplified car wash system that uses the basic technology of a normal car wash. But at our service center, we provide free wifi system and a lounge for the customer to relax or surf the internet while waiting for their car to be wash. Besides that, our car wash is using the multi-bay system with a shade that can be used for washing, polishing and waxing. Besides washing only motorcars, we will provide a wash for the lorry and trucks.

(You can see from the picture below)

Multi-Bay car wash shade.

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