Business Culture in Spain

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  • Published : May 3, 2011
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I chose to profile Spain and their business culture in this paper. In 1986 Spain joined the European Union which significantly increased their economy. If you are going to do business with the people of Spain it is important to understand their work relationships and business practices.

Business Culture in Spain
Spain is a country in southwest Europe with about 46 million people. The national language is Spanish, or Castilian Spanish. In the interior the summers are clear and hot, while in along the coast they are cloudy and moderate. The winters in the interior are cold and cloudy and along the coast they are cloudy and cool (Agency).

Spain’s business hours are more Europeanized than ours here in the United States. The offices usually open around 9 a.m. and will close mid evening, with a break of two hours in the afternoon. It is usually best to schedule any meeting for mid-morning due to their sometimes unusual hours. When you arrive at a business meeting you must give your card at the reception counter. Whether you are at a social or business meeting an introduction includes a formal handshake and making eye contact, male or female. Hierarchy is also very important in Spanish business culture. Making contacts is extremely important; the Spanish prefer to do business with people that they are familiar with (Doing Business in Spain). If they do not know you they will usually try and become acquainted with you before doing business so you should be accommodating with any questions they ask about your background or family life (Business and Legal Solutions in Spain). Hierarchy is also very important in Spanish business culture; position plays a vital role so it is better to work with people in your rank rather than someone with a lower status (Doing Business in Spain). To Spaniards the look of the person they are doing business with is very important. They appreciate brand names such as Luis Vuitton, not Italian designers so much. Men usually...
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