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The Brief and The Plan
The investigation

Unit Title: Global Trade and Business Group Award Graded Unit 2 Unit Code: DM1 H 35
Candidate Name: Zhang Simin
SCN: 105131267
Date of Submission: 28 December 2011

My title is "P&G combat with Unilever Company". The Procter & Gamble Company (P&G) is a giant in the area of consumer goods. The leading maker of household products in the United States, P&G has operations in nearly 80 countries around the world and markets its nearly 300 brands in more than 160 countries. Through investigate, we can find out that The Procter &Gamble Company has been ahead of Unilever Company from Fortune Magazine. So, I mainly discuss the reasons why Procter & Gamble Company could more succeed than Unilever Company for operation.

The objective is to discover the reasons why P&G could more succeed than Unilever. The first sub-objective is to analyse current situation of P&G and Unilever. The second sub-objective is analysis business culture of P&G. The third sub-objective is to learn brand and markeing strategy of P&G. The last sub-objective is to learn and analysis organization structure. After learn above information, I can find that P&G have some advantages about in above these aspects. Hence, it can be found that the reason of P&G is more successed than Unilever.

The main reason of P&G Company is able to succeed show in these aspects of brand strategy, organization structure, marketing strategy amd business culture. In respect of brand strategy, P&G adopt brand diversity strategy. This strategy could maximum to occupy market so that rainforce its market share and decrease risk in operation. As for organization structure, is only organization form and called Global business unit mixed organization. It can make P&G depth understand customer demand by different country. As for marketing strategy, it main divided into four aspects which is product,price, promotion and place. P&G main is to analysis market and competitor constantly and it will adjust strategy in time no matter what changes. In terms of business culture, it is a company’s idea. P&G main is foucs on customer and emplyees. It will impetus staff initiative and create competent constantly, at the same time, emphasize brand strategy. Business culture main is combine with market expention to achieve fusion of different culture. It is should be supported my topic through survey these aspects.

Through these aspects to analysis, it will involved some subjects in HND. Such as, I will adopt Managing People and Organizations to analysis organization structure aspect and use Business Culture and Strategy to analysis brand strategy, business culture. I also adopt International Marketing to analysis marketing strategy. It main analysis use strategy for P&G, which focus on price, product, promotion and place for P&G.

The reason why I choose Procter & Gamble Company is that it is one of world's largest daily consumer goods companies. What’s more, it is largest daily consumer goods company in all over the world. Within chemical filed, it also belongs to number one and many experience reveal in some aspects of manage product, product create and pomotion. The amount of P&G global staff is nearly 100,000 and it is equipped with factory or branch office in more than 80 countries. Product of P&G is cover widely and multi type than Unilever. Besides, P&G can develop from a small mill of production soap and a candle to become world's largest daily consumer goods companies, which really make me curious. P&G was earliest laboratory by establish in historical. After that, it commence innovate, research and production of new product constantly and it never give up research of marketing and customer. Therefore, market occupancy of P&G is arriving to 60% nowadays, which means it always keeps market occupancy of high and there is not too big fluctuate. So, it always so stable, make have to discuss the reason...
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