Business Controlled Assessment Activity One

Topics: Birmingham, Theatre, Customer service Pages: 14 (5703 words) Published: March 3, 2013
There are many reasons why I chosen M&s as my national business. One of the reasons why I chose M&S is because M&S sponsored an entrepreneur scheme called NTYE this allowed me to gain more insight into M&S and its infrastructure. This also allowed me to become more familiar with the business, as I felt that M&S being a PLC, gaining any required information wouldn’t be of difficulty as M&S are obliged to publish all their financial records for shareholders. Another reason I have chosen M&S as the national business to assess is because I personally shop at M&S frequently and so are aware of the range of products M&S offer to the public I have also visited the store and therefore have had a first-hand experience of M&S .After inspecting a range of other national business such as Debenhams and New Look I felt that M&S was the overall right business to choose as M&S were very willing to give me information on their business and answer any follow-up question I have. The way in which I will conduct my research is through gathering information from a range of sources, such as Tom Moby the M&S company spokesperson, the M&S sales and corporate websites, also the questionnaire I created to help gather the information I needed for this activity and various news articles found online which will validate my assessment. The Rep

Similarly there are many different reasons why I chose The Rep to be the local business to asses. The Rep is local to Birmingham and a reasonable distance from the school; this means that I am able to gather the information I need without the inconvenience of travelling a long distance away. I have also been interested in theatre and have seen a number of productions The Rep has produced such as ‘The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe’ and ‘The Snowman’ which made me curious about the foundation upon The Rep is set on. Another reason why I chose The Rep is because The Rep is known to reach out to schools and making people aware of theatre and so is willing to give my school the information I need to complete the assessment. The information will also be gathered from various sources such as The Reps spokesperson Steve Ball, the internet and also my personal questionnaire I completed when the school allowed us to go to The Rep in order to gather the information we needed for the assessment. History

M&S began with Michael Marks in 1884 when he first began his own penny Bazaar. He later joined to form a partnership with Tom Spencer in 1894. The beginning of M&S was the five key foundations of Quality, Value, Service, Innovation and Trust. M&S have over 700 stores in the UK alone that employ around 80,000people worldwide; M&S also have approximately 300 international stores in 44 countries, thus a national business. The Birmingham Rep

The Rep was founded by Sir Barry Jackson in 1913. Sir Barry Jackson was knighted in 1925 as he promoted theatre. The first Rep also known as ‘The old Rep was located on Station Street. The Rep later moved to Board Street in 1971. The Rep is currently undergoing redevelopment to be part of The library of Birmingham. The Rep employs 50 full-time employees in reference to Steve Ball the spokesperson of The Rep on the school visit and also takes on local volunteers. Purpose and Activities

The M&S corporate website states ‘we sell high quality, great value clothing and home products as well as outstanding food’ this simply means that M&S providing a service to the public; supplying them with daily essentials and luxurious items, of a high quality to keep the customers satisfied. The items M&S sell can range from clothing for men women and children to M&S food in return for profit. In this case the image of the M&S chocolate pudding is said to be one of M&S’ most successful products in reference to their corporate website. M&S attempt to ensure...
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