Business Continuity Plan

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Business Continuity Plan


Business Continuity Plan

Business Continuity Plan


Source: U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS)


Business Continuity Plan


Introduction: A large number of catastrophic events in the last decade have demonstrated the alarming vulnerability of the U.S. and other nations around the globe to terrorist activity and natural disasters. Regardless of the predictability of these events, it is imperative in these days to establish emergency preparedness and response programs to minimize or eliminate the negative impact that business disruption may cause. The following set of guidelines is a work in progress and is presented to provide standard procedures to maintain business continuity during Crisis, Emergencies and or Disaster that may negatively affect our normal operation. It is envisioned as a beginning, to establish a foundation from which to build and continuously improve a formal Business Continuity Plan (BCP) that will be focused in the safety and security of our employees, prevent infrastructure damages and maintain business continuity while minimizing the impact on our clients, suppliers, partners and/or consultants. Additionally, these guidelines shall provide preventive procedures along with the basic standard procedures for returning to normal operations following business disruption of any nature.

Business Continuity Plan


Background and Findings: Essentially, crisis management is about finding out how prepared we are in the event of a business interruption incident. Knowing how prepared we are, will allow us to identify areas of vulnerability and thus develop/implement strategies to minimize the impact of the disruption on our daily operation. In this context, planning for business continuity before, during and after a disaster is critical to the long-term success, stability and continuity of business regardless of their size or location. Unfortunately, the deployment and maintenance of a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) still remains a low priority in the agenda of those responsible for business decisions. Generally these people will agree that a BCP is a “must have” business strategy, most of them will actually intend to do something about it, but just few will pay serious attention to the matter or will address the issue effectively. For this reason, and in order to obtain the necessary support from upper management, our BCP will be focused on providing information and guidance to our organization in returning to normal operations following a disaster or other business disruption. It should provide clear and precise instructions for employees to follow in recovering from a catastrophic event. As part of the overall process our BCP will identify key leadership and employees who will be involved in the recovery process. These select personnel will receive the necessary instructions outlining the critical action steps to adopt to ensure a quick recovery. These instructions will include the following key components: Crisis Management Team / Planning Committee, Emergency Response and Disaster Recovery, Crisis Communications Plan, Physical Premises Issues, Employee safety and IT infrastructure.

Business Continuity Plan


The Method The following BCP shall prepare us to respond to any event while primarily focusing upon protecting human life, along with the organization’s assets. Essentially, the best way to prepare for a disaster is to avoid the disaster. Therefore, we need to identify any potential risk that may negatively affect our business continuity and correct the problem immediately. According to Norman R. Augustine, (“Managing the Crisis You Tried to Prevent”, Enhanced edition of the Harvard Business Report, (HBR) reprint 95602, originally published in November/December 1995), there are six steps in the development process of Crisis Management as shown in the table below:

Prevention: Preparation: Recognition:...
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