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  • Published : April 13, 2011
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Section 1 - Comparisons of a Business

The two businesses I will be comparing will be Tesco’s and Shell. They are both registered in the UK as their main business registration. Tesco was founded in 1919 and has been in existence ever since for 91 years. Shell was founded in 1907 which means it has been in existence for 103 years. Up to2009, Shell has a total amount of revenue which stands at $278.188 billion. Since 2010, Tesco has a revenue amount of £62.54billion. I have chosen these as they have a few similarities but have lots of differences.

These businesses are different market types as Tesco’s is a supermarket and provides customers with a range of products such as groceries all the way to electrical products. Shell is a fuel company and sells fuel and other energy sources such as oil. It also deals with the extraction of the fuel. Both Shell and Tesco’s are international companies and this means that they are able to sell their products globally across the world. Tesco has stores located across over 14 countries which include the North American region and also the Asia Region. Shell on the other hand deals with around 90 countries which is a significant difference than Tesco. This makes Shell the largest energy source country in the world. Being an international country is better than being a European company as they can increase their profits as they can expand their market size across many different countries and regions rather than just one.

Both companies are in the tertiary sector of business as they both provide a service to its customers however, Shell is also in the Primary and Secondary Sector of business as they go out and find the oil, and then they extract the raw materials. They then refine the oil down to make it into fuel and proceed in selling it on to their customers and other companies. This gives Shell and edge over Tesco as they deal in all three sectors of business so are much more likely do well and increase their profits....
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