Business Communications Trends

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Business Communications Trends

By | November 2012
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Trends in Business Communication
Douglas Winterton
September 13, 2010
Michael Medoro
Trends in Business Communication
In today’s world of high speed Internet and global business, it is important for any business to have a top of the line communication system in place to remain not only successful but also viable and profitable as well. Numerous communication systems are available for any business to choose from and new ideas and products emerging every day. In this paper I will explore some of the different ways a company can stay competitive in the world of business by using a good communications system. E-mail has become the preferred means of communication to coworkers and clients. Hunt (2010). Along with this boom in e-mail has come other forms of communication, instant messages, text messaging on cell phones, Internet capable cell phones that send emails, social networks, blogging, video conferencing, and web pages are just a few ways that businesses are communicating with their customers and each other. E-mail domains are available for all businesses big or small. If a business cannot afford to manage its own server, then there are site that will do it for them. Yahoo Microsoft, and Go Daddy are three such sites that will give a business a unique site and manage it for them. With these sites any business can have all the power the big companies have with not as much cost. Instant messaging also can be available with many email sites, while not a formal way of communicating with customers or colleagues it is a popular way to reach out, and ask quick questions. One of the problems with instant messaging is tracking any kind of communication that might turn into an official communication, for this reason it is best to stop and send more formal types of communication if it were to turn into an event that needed recording. Texting is becoming a big player in communications to customers, The Army and Air Force Exchange Service recently began...

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