Business Communications Report on Oral Commuications in the Workplace

Topics: Communication, Nonviolent Communication, Graphic communication Pages: 8 (1875 words) Published: October 20, 2012
Right Impact Solutions
Report on Oral Communications within the Workplace
Author: Quan Chek Kai

Prepared for:
National University of Singapore

Prepared by :
Right Impact Solutions

Table of Contents
Executive Summaryiii
1. Introduction1
1.1 Background1
1.2 Problems, Purpose and Questions1
1.2.1 Problem1
1.2.2 Purpose1
1.2.3 Questions1
1.3 Scope1
1.4 Limitations1
1.5 Sources and Methods1
1.6 Report Organisation2
2. Findings3
2.1 Lack of Adequate Oral Communications Skills within the Workplace3
2.2 Aspects of Oral Communication Needed in the Workplace5
2.3 Oral Communications Skills Needed in the Workplace7
3. Conclusions9
3.1 Need to Improve Oral Communication Skills within the Workplace9
3.2 Lack of Ability to Convey Ideas Clearly9
3.3 Lack of Ability to Express Ideas Convincingly9
3.4 Need for Clarity of Content9
3.5 Need for Confidence in Oral Communications9
4. Recommendations10
4.1 Change in NUS Curriculum10
4.2 Creating Student Forums10

Executive Summary
Feedback was received from NUS Management concerning problems with oral communications within the workplace. In their effort to find out more about this problem, as well as to gather recommendations to solve it, they have authorized Right Impact Solutions to compile this report on oral communications within the workplace. The data used in analysis of the issues studied in this report came from the Temasek - Centre for English Language Communication, National University of Singapore (Temasek-CELC) (Temasek-CELC, 2010) Workplace Survey. This report found out that oral communication skills within the workplace were indeed important, as well as lacking. This report further found that there were specific aspects and skills of oral communications that should be focused on, namely: * Ability to articulate ideas clearly

* Ability to express ideas convincingly
* Clarity in content
* Confidence
Two recommendations were provided within the report:
* Changes to NUS Curriculum
* Establishing Forums for Students to Speak Up

1. Introduction
1.1 Background
Right Impact Solutions is a leading workplace training specialist in Singapore, and we are well placed to compile this report on oral communications within the workplace. We have been authorized by the management of the National University of Singapore to write this report. 1.2 Problems, Purpose and Questions

1.2.1 Problem
The Management of NUS would like to know if there is a problem with oral communications within the workplace, and identify which aspects and skills of oral communications are more of a problem. 1.2.2 Purpose

The purpose of this report is to evaluate the importance of oral communications within the workplace, as well as to identify the aspects and skills that are valued within the workplace. This report will also give recommendations to the problems it highlights. 1.2.3 Questions

* Is oral communication really a problem among graduates in the workplace? * Which aspects of oral communication are valued more within the workplace? * Which oral communication skills are lacking in graduates within the workplace? * What solutions could we recommend to the NUS management? 1.3 Scope

This report focuses on the problems with oral communications faced within the workplace. 1.4 Limitations
The main limitation concerning this report was the lack of time and financial resources to compile our own survey. The Temasek-CELC Survey, however, was extracted from a sample workplace and is relevant enough to this report. 1.5 Sources and Methods

Data was obtained from the Temasek-CELC Workplace Survey as well as respectable sources on the Internet. 1.6 Report Organisation
This report will take a logical approach to the problem and is structured thus: * Findings
* Conclusions
* Recommendations

2. Findings
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