Business Communication Trends Paper

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Business Communication Trends Paper
Good business communication in our day to day activates at work is sharing information in ways that are useful to our co-workers, clients and business partners. Business communication is a key to building relationships and goodwill to creating successful ventures. In every organization, clear communication is the way individuals express or get their points across and complete the assigned work. Communication can be established in various ways such a face –to- face conversations, emails, letters, and memos, verbal communication, but also as nonverbal. The nonverbal business communication is the use of pictures, graphs, also the way people sit at a meeting, how large offices are or how long someone keeps a visitor waiting. Many companies have discovered clear and open communication has helped companies in reducing lawsuits. By giving all parties involved the ability to create policies explaining exactly what is expected and what is not being proposed. Such examples are the ladders; the legal fees businesses have paid in lawsuits millions of dollars and so driving up the prices of these simple items by the built in reserve in order to protect the manufacturer against lawsuits. Communication helps people manage their daily activities and achieve their goals. Well-written documents are easy to read and build goodwill. The guideline in creating a visually inviting document is keeping key points in mind such as using subject lines, headings to group ideas, to emphasize sub points and examples. In addition, use lists and indented sections, and number the points that need to be followed by sequence. Short paragraphs six typed lines or less should be used. When writing we always need to keep in mind our audience, the style we write or your attitude, if we put ourselves in the reader’s shoes, how would we feel if we have received the given information, what will our reaction be? Therefore, we have to be always friendly and...
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