Business Communication Questionnaire

Topics: Communication, Want, Language Pages: 3 (1039 words) Published: October 6, 2012
Business Communication Questionnaire – 50 Points
Using information from your text book, class discussions and your knowledge and experience, answer the following ten questions (in about 50 – 100 words each). Submit your answers that includes the original question in a word document (not hand written). 1. What are the main challenges facing business communicators today?

I feel that main challenges facing business communicators today would be listening. I feel it’s very difficult for managers to adjust this skill. Due to the fact of all the pressures of keeping success in the business, there may not be time to sit and listen to the needs of the employees and the customers. Without taking the time to listen and finding a way to understand others point of view, managerial staff may never understand or be aware of the needs and wants an employee might have, which could cause a few problems in the work area. 2. List five trends in the workplace that affect business communicators? How might they affect you in your career?

Email made it faster and easier for people to swap words and data, could also be a bad issue due to increasing amount of spam. Another would be shared work space. Many people like their bubble and don’t want people to be crammed in next to Joe the annoying guy. Dress Code would be another. Sometimes people can offend others but what they wear which could cost you your job. Video conferencing would be a bonus because you could be across the world as an owner and still be able to attend meetings. Listening is a great trend. People need to develop great listening skills to move forward in their career. 3. Name five unprofessional communication techniques that can sabotage a career.

Speech habits such as using “like” all the time, or relying on slang. An email is another, not writing in complete sentences or using misspelled words. Spell check is on everything and everyone should use it. One should also not have an inappropriate email...
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