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business and communication
Informal Report
From: Ryan Mc Cloy
Subject: Report on McDonalds

Written Information
The written information on the McDonalds website tells us of all the latest deals in the restaurant and it gives you the menu it also has a lot of other information on the teams they sponsor. The written information on the McDonalds website is short language it is easy read and is written in larger writing to make it easy for the customer and it gets to the point. The purpose of this is to try and get the customer to look up regularly on new deals and the menu changes. All this information would come from the marketing department of the company. Onscreen Information

There are also pictures on the McDonalds website of burgers, fries, ice cream, salads, and drinks tea, coffee, coke, orange and water. Also they also have one f the best know signs around the world and this is on their website which is the big yellow M. This is showing the customer what they have to eat in the restaurant all the pictures are in full detail and are made look really tasty. The purpose of this is to let the customer see the food and subliming messages them to come in a buy that item. It also has pictures of salads and healthy food’s as well to allow for everyone to buy in their restaurant. It would be the marketing department that would be adding this information onto the site. The source of this information would also come from the Marketing department.

Web-based Information
The McDonalds web based information is about all the teams they sponsor and how they help raise money for charities and their biggest sponsorship would have been the Olympics. The purpose of this is to make the customer feel comfortable about buying there and know that part of their purchase would be going to a good cause. The Public Relations department would be adding this information onto the site. Multi-media Information

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