Business Communication in Today's World

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Communication is defined as the process of transferring information and meaning between senders and receivers, using one or more written, oral, visual or electronic channels. Simply put, communication is the exchange of information between people. It is important to get feedback from your audience and vice versa for the process of communication to take place effectively. The feedback can be either positive or negative. Business communication is any communication used in an organisation with an intention to promote a product, improve service or with the intention to make a sale. This type of communication also occurs within the organisation between the management and employees. It has purpose and a lot of attention is given to detail. Business communication has undergone a lot of transformation as a result of the growth of information technology that has changed the whole concept of communication. In the past, businesses had a model of communication that left very little room for interaction and conversation with the receiver of the message. Currently the model that works and is now used by most organisations is one that gives room to both conversation and interaction with the receivers.


Communication is very vital in any organization. Like blood in our bodies, it is the channel that gives life to the organisation and without it, organisations would not be functional. There are two types of business communication in an organization 1. Internal Communication

2. External Communication
Internal communication
This defines communication that occurs within an organisation. It occurs between management and departments and between the employees of the organization. This type of communication may be formal or informal. Internal communication is vital because it helps in increasing job satisfaction, productivity and profits. It is also a platform for employees and management to air and address grievances. There are three types of communication under internal business communication a) Upward Communication

b) Downward Communication
c) Horizontal communication

a) Upward communication
Upward communication is the flow of information from subordinates to superiors or from employees to management. By definition, communication is a two-way affair. Yet for effective two-way organizational communication to occur, it must begin from the bottom. Upward Communication is a means for staff to:

* Exchange vital information
* Offer ideas
* Express enthusiasm
* Achieve job satisfaction
* Provide feedback
Diagram showing upward communication in a bank

b) Downward Communication
This is the flow of information from the person or people who are at the top of the organisation to their subordinates. Downward communication generally provides information for direction and guidance e.g. Instructions on how to do a task. This type of communication is needed in an organization to:

* Transmit important information
* Give instructions
* Announce decisions
* Seek cooperation
* Provide motivation
* Increase efficiency
* Obtain feedback

c) Horizontal communication
Horizontal communication normally involves coordinating information, and allows people with the same or similar rank in an organization to co-operate or collaborate. Communication among employees at the same level is crucial for the accomplishment of work.

Horizontal Communication is essential for:
* Solving problems
* Accomplishing tasks
* Improving teamwork
* Building goodwill
* Boosting efficiency

External Communication

This type of communication occurs between the organisation and the public. This includes suppliers, clients or customers, shareholders or investors and with other organisations. Social networks have transformed external communication. The popularity of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks have made them effective tools for...
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