Business Communication Cycle

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Communication Cycle
Communication is an essential part of all our lives. The range of methods we can use to communicate with each other is growing all the time. We can communicate using everything from a note stuck on the fridge door to video-conferencing. But no matter which medium we choose, the communication cycle remains the same. If we are unsure of what we wish to communicate, or when we send the information poorly, we run the risk of not being understood by other people. Stages For Effective Communication:

1.Impulse to Communicate - The sender has an idea that he or she wants to speak about. This stage is aimed for the sender to think about what it is that he needs to communicate about and to whom.

2.Encoding – Encoding is the process when we begin to choose words and images to express our thoughts. The point in this stage is to deliver the message with clear information which can be transmitted into a form where both the sender and the receiver can understand.

3.Channel/Relay – Channels are the way you convey your message. These channels include oral, visual and written means. Visual communication consists of using gestures, charts, pictures or graphics, written communication is verbally using letters, memos, notes, reports or email, and oral communication is done by mouth such as using telephone or television.

4.Decoding – Decoding is done by the receiver where the receiver must understand the meaning of the words used by the sender. The receiver must interpret the message as a whole. Communication can go downhill at this stage if the receiver is not practicing active listening skills or if they do not possess enough information to accurately decode the message.

5.Understanding - Understanding of the message and getting the real meaning of the information sent.

6.Feedback – As you are communicating your message your audience will provide you with non-verbal and verbal reactions. Feedback is the reaction of the receiver which...
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