Business Communication and Creativity Reflective Essay

Topics: Communication, Full-time, Marketing Pages: 10 (2662 words) Published: April 7, 2011
Executive Summary
This report was commissioned to summarise X career portfolio. It will include the skills he has and skills he needs to acquire in order to match the job specification required to be a Business and Marketing Officer. The portfolio draws concentration on a variety of skills including: •Interpersonal skills

Communication skills
Self-management skills
Intellectual skills
His main strengths and weaknesses have been identified so hhe now knows which areas he needs to keep on top of and other areas of improvements from now until he acquires this role.

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Executive Summary2

Contents Page3

Report 4 - 7

Appendices 8 - 29

References 30 - 31

This report is going to be about a chosen company- LOROS. A portfolio has been complied with information on the company profile, the job X would like to have in the future and the specification required. X skills have been outlined and the skills alongside the skills required for the role and in this way strengths and weaknesses have been identified. A CV has been compiled according to what the occupation requires and X has then created an action plan of how he will achieve his goals from now till after he finishes his Business and Management course.

The organisation X wants to work in the marketing sector is LOROS as a business and marketing officer during his placement year. LOROS stands for Leicestershire and Rutland Organisation for the Relief of Suffering, This Company is a local hospice based around Leicester and Rutland. LOROS provide care for and support to people from all nationalities and race. They have also created jobs for 100s of people and have helped improve the quality of life for thousands ( The mission of LOROS is to “are inviting people of any kind whether they need help for themselves or whether they need help for others” ( It is the values that the organisation has that keeps its repute up and keeps it as one of the UK’s busiest hospice. At the hospice free care is provided for people who are in dire need of it and help and support is provided to people from all nationalities. This charity is based upon donations and sponsors to fund the workers and to run the hospice, LOROS do many fund raising events which have been very popular and this raises LOROS a lot of income. Being a charity it does not offer products as such however it offers a service which is known to be one of the best services within the area. The service LOROS offers is a specialist centre which has skilled nurses and offers medical care, which is supported by physiotherapists, occupational therapists and social workers, LOROS aims to provide an environment that makes people feel at home and relaxed. ( The main competitors of LOROS are the city council Leicester whom provides care through the NHS, and also the council have hospices around Leicester. However a more direct competitor would be Rainbows which again is a charity funded hospice which works around Leicester. A PEST analysis of LOROS shows that LOROS is a charity that is seen by the community as a great help and this can be seen through the funds they acquire each year. The technology they use is also increasing as they have been gaining more money to invest in new technology. The strengths are that being a well-established company it is known very well by the local community and this is moreover important as people trust this as a charity. The weaknesses are that it is based in one community only and this can also be seen as an opportunity to go in to a new area and attract a new customer base. (Appendix 1). The workforce at LOROS is a mix of people from many cultures and of mixed age. However all these people need to have similar traits especially the workers whom are trying to promote LOROS...
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