Business Communication

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  • Published : May 18, 2013
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The main advantages of horizontal communication are as follows:

• A good rate of ideas are exchanged between departments
• It encourages good communication between different departments • Having group discussions allows a wide range of ideas from different experts to be considered • The more ideas the more chance they will hit upon a great one

The main disadvantages of horizontal communication are as follows:

• Due to the fact both departments may be of equal powers decisions are hard to come to • Nobody has the overall say and final decision
• It can cause in-house fighting if differing opinions boil over • One department may always have to check with another department before pushing anything through

Advantages/Importance of upward communication:
1. Feedback:
The major advantages of upward communication are, it provides feedback from the employees. As a result the communication loop (cycle) completes and management can realize the reactions of the employees.

2. Constructive idea:
Upward communication allows the employees to inform their views regarding the implementation of company policies.

3. Helps decision making:
Through upward communication top management can know the views of flower level employees which help them to make more realistic decision.

4. Establishment of good relation:
Upward communication brings executives and employees close to each other and accordingly mutual relationship developed.

5. Mutual trust:
For the success of any sort of communication trust is an essential element. As relationship developed through upward communication mutual trust also created.

6. Enhance coordination:
Opportunity to express own views and participation in the decision making enhance the level of coordination.

7. Motivation:
The task of motivation needs two way communications between the concerned parties. Upward communication enables the executives to extend appropriate motivational measures.

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