Business Communication

Topics: Management, Psychology, Conflict Pages: 7 (2044 words) Published: May 10, 2013
2040MGT Business Communication

Reflective Essay

Student Name: KE PENG(Kiki)

Student ID: PEKED1002

Tutor: Anita Chard

Word Count: 1544

Due date:10/05/2012(Week 10)

Communication is a mutual exchange of understanding. Business communication is more formal than ordinary interpersonal interaction, which is regulated by certain norm and oriented by goals (Schoop, Köhne, & Ostertag, 2010). Through learning the Business Communication course, I had understood various communication concepts and theories. Additionally, I have further developed my understanding of interpersonal and intrapersonal dynamics through applying concepts into practical group work. On one hand, interpersonal communication can involve individuals interacting with public or personal conversation and provides possibility of exploration of people’s behaviour and communication (Sigmar & Cooper, 2011). On the other hand, intrapersonal communication, as “a special case of interpersonal communication”, includes writing, thinking while making gestures and talking to oneself (Schoop et al., 2010, p. 202). This reflective essay will go through details of my personal experience in the group work. In particular, the successfulness for group performance will be assessed and motivations for certain behaviour will be diagnosed. This essay will argue that conflict management style affects the group performance and suitable communication channel facilities interpersonal communication. This essay will be structured into three pillars: describing and analysing interpersonal dynamics with a focus on suitable communication tools; describing and analysing the impact of conflict management strategies on group performance; providing suggestions for future improvement in terms of interpersonal effectiveness.

Interpersonal dynamics can be facilitated though adapting suitable communication tools. International students usually bear with heavy studying load and may have part-time jobs commitments. It was difficult to arrange a group meeting and even we had agreed a particular time for meeting, we still had people missing or being late. Therefore, it became necessary for us to find a better way to interact. Computer-mediated communication, such as instant message and Emails are proved to be effective on many different aspects of interactions (Lee, Leung, Xiong & Wu, 2011). Therefore, Email became our available option at hand for organising and processing group tasks. In fact, there are a number of advantages for using Email. According to Mayer (2010), Email is the most widely used Internet application which provides time proof of interactions, convenience of archiving recall, convenience of recording correspondence and low risk of making embarrassing comments on other’s work. In reality, Email provides us flexibilities in determining when to communicate and what to discuss. Also, I realised that conducting group work virtually would allows me to be more focused on the task, rather than socialisation, which can be often seem from traditional interactions. The process of Email-based group communication worked out smoothly: the group leader reviewed members’ work and edited it into a combined version.

Adaption of Email communication improved the group performance. Just like Lee et al. (2011) claimed, E-communication allows team players use various materials such as sound, video, pictorial aids to support their arguments. This leads a more interactive and meaningful transmission of message tailored with the nature of audience (Gerpott, 2010). However, Fawkes and Gregory (2010) argue that Email creates misunderstanding that is due to improper construction of message. In traditional face-to-face discussion, when audience do not understand the message, speakers can make additional explanation or seeking aids from non-verbal language (Mayer, 2010). In fact, it was the case since our group members are not English native speakers and misunderstanding were...
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