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You are Mr. Satya Chandrasekhar. You bought a VPL TV set two months ago from Home needs, a store meant for consumer electronic goods.

You paid 14,000 for the TV set and you were told that E1345, the model number indicated that it was the latest version and had excellent audio and video input. The TV set developed audio problems in less than 45 days. Initially the audio out put was fading away for a minute or two.

A little worried you called Home needs and informed them about the problem. You were told that the technician from VPL would be sent in a day. However nobody turned up even after 3 days. Meanwhile the audio fading started occurring for prolonged durations. After 4 reminders to send the technician, Home needs informs you to call the company’s service wing directly. As the poor performance of the TV is worrying, you call VPL service centre. You go through the same exercise of explaining what happened .The service centre responds to your problem and sends the technician immediately. The problem is fixed temporarily but resurfaces in 15 days. You go through the same routine of calling the VPL service centre.

This time you are told that, the problem lies in the mother board, a part of the TV and needs to be replaced. The technician informs you that the mother board of the model E1345 is not available as the model is being replaced by the newer version. By now you had enough of VPL TV and have concluded that you made a mistake in buying VPL TV set. As a last resort, you went to a repute mechanic. He tried his best and gave up exasperated. You talk to the sales head of VPL who suggests you to pay another 1,500Rs and go in for the newer version. You feel cheated and out rightly rejected. You decide to fight your case out and get a refund of the money you paid for the new set. You have one year warranty and the bills for the amount you paid are intact.

Write a claim letter:

1. Accepting the Claim
2. Partially accepting the claim...
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